Use your own IDE


You can use your own machine to connect to your VMs and edit your files using your favorite local tools by using kd tool.

Please note that to install kd:

  1. sudo permission on your local machine is required
  2. works only on OSX and Linux
  3. kd is currently in beta

Step 1: Get the kd install command

Click on STACKS from the left side bar to open your Dashboard, and go to Koding Utilities


Step 2: Copy the command and paste it into your local machine

Click Select and copy the kd install command

paste in terminal & run..

    [email protected]:~ $ curl -sL https://kodi.ng/d/kd | bash -s 901f9a44
    Hello, this is the Koding application (kd) installer.
    This installer requires sudo permissions, please input password if prompted...

    Downloading kd...
     % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
     Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    100 11.0M 100 11.0M 0 0 160k 0 0:01:10 0:01:10 --:--:-- 242k
    Created /usr/local/bin/kd

    Created /opt/kite/klient/klient
    Authenticating you to the KD Daemon

    Authenticated successfully
    Created /etc/kite/kite.key
    Verifying installation...

    Successfully installed and started the KD Daemon!
    Success! kd has been successfully installed. Please run the
    following command for more information:

     kd -h

    [email protected]:~ $

Step 3: Mount your VM to local folder

Use the kd list and kd mount to mount your machine to a local folder

Use kd list to view all your Koding cloud VMs:

  [email protected]:~ $ kd list
      TEAM   LABEL           IP        ALIAS   MOUNTED     PATHS
  1. bloom   example_1  grape

Use kd mount to mount your cloud VM to a local folder and start editing your files using your favorite local editors. You can use the ALIAS name to mount your VM:

  [email protected]:~ $ kd mount grape ./grape
  The mount folder does not exist, would you like to create it? [Y/n]y
  Mount success.
  [email protected]:~ $ cd grape
  [email protected]:~/grape $ ls
  [email protected]:~/grape $ ls -a
  .bash_logout .bashrc .config .profile

You have now mounted the cloud VM on a local folder called ‘grape’. You can use to mount you VM on any folder name. All changes within your mounted folder will actually occur on your cloud VM. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can use kd to edit your cloud VM files


Congratulations, you are done! You now know how to use kd to mount your VM on a local folder and start using your favorite editor. All your edits will be saved on your cloud machine(s).

See more information about KD here