GitLab Partners with Koding

Today, Koding is proud to announce a new partnership with GitLab to bring revolutionary capabilities to GitLab development lifecycle. Both Koding and GitLab are passionate about making the development process simpler and easier for developers. The combination of GitLab and Koding provides the most integrated development platform in the world by combining source repository, issue tracking, continuous integration and deployment, along with a revolutionary cloud development environment which provides the ability to build every project, merge request, and issue with one click.

Both GitLab and Koding believe that the future of development environments rests in the cloud. Coding today requires complex environments consisting of numerous microservices, containers, countless open source libraries, and delicately set up frameworks. Setting up these systems can take hours or even days, taking away precious development time. Even worse, they frequently change as team members add new dependencies. Coordinating these changes across your team takes time and energy away from the work you should be doing.

Koding’s integration with GitLab will allow developers to instantly launch a properly configured development environment right from the GitLab repo itself. Repo owners will be able to manage their own stack scripts, where they can define all of their project’s requirements.. Rather than having to follow cumbersome instructions where they have to download and install numerous software packages and then delicately configure them, project contributors can simply launch their development environment and get straight to coding, speeding up their workflow dramatically. When a new requirement is added to the project, the stack script can be updated and immediately every team member is notified to relaunch their development environment, keeping their systems consistent and bug free.

Even better, developers will be able to launch environments directly from issues and merge requests where they can evaluate the code for bugs and consistent behavior. This allows developers to test new code much faster than before and more quickly update their projects with the latest contributions.

Koding’s integration will be available in the community edition of GitLab within several weeks. For now, you can view our merge request here and our interview with the CEOs of GitLab and Koding as well as sign up for notifications here.

Koding is currently working with a variety of companies around the world to bring simple cloud development environments to their developer teams. You can sign up for your free trial today at www.eladuanal.com.

George Sibble

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